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Our history

Security, protection, control systems... and more

Since 1972

Our history

For over half a century EXIMAG has been designing and manufacturing highly customized security, protection and control systems for its customers.EXIMAG solutions are available throughout Italy to solve the increasingly complex market needs.



Eximag is established

Headquartered in Bolzano, at the beginning of the application of technology dedicated to protecting assets and personal safety.



Its expansion starts

Over the entire Triveneto area,
with the opening of branches in Trento, Verona, Udine and Mestre.



The expansion continues

Over the entire national territory, thanks to important collaborations connected to the sectors of theArmed Forces/NATO, Logistics and Large Scale Retail Trade, Public Bodies and Renewable Energy.



EXIMAG celebrates the first 50 years of activity.

historic and important milestone that places EXIMAG among the most long-lived Italian companies in the sector, as a further guarantee of its customers.

The evolution

About us today

In 2022 EXIMAG reaches the goal of 50 years of activity, positioning itself among the most long-lived companies in the sector. EXIMAG continues to maintain the standards of quality and expertise necessary to interpret the security market in a modern way, always putting itself at the forefront of studying and creating customized solutions for its customers.
The Mission, witnessed by the new company payoff, is to take care of customers with targeted and cutting-edge solutions: make you safe.

EXIMAG’s activity is constantly customer oriented through:

  • Risk analysis and mapping and mitigation of their constituent factors

  • Design and implementation of the best technological solution

  • Continuous search for cutting-edge solutions

EXIMAG, as Security System Integrator, identifies itself as a highly specialized company in the realization of safety and control SUBSYSTEMS and Communication Technology integrated with each other, through the use of specific and innovative technologies, which enable a common objective to be achieved.
Nowaday, the complexity of the projects, resulting from the high number of equipment and the many technologies available, requires highly specialized skills hardly in the availability of the classic «dealer» strongly product oriented and not used to interacting with heterogeneous and multi-brand contexts. Therefore, in the wake of digital convergence and the continuous need to improve the quality standards of work processes, the role of the installer evolves becoming an integrator of security systems.

Our method

Our working methodology is based on the principle of continuous monitoring
and improvement, through a cycle of successive phases. This is demonstrated by the UNI EN ISO 45001:2018
and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certifications, in addition to the awards and certificates from