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Our method

Innovative and customised services

Eximag is able to design, install and service integrated security systems with experience and creativity, in order to offer innovative and customised services that increase the security of company assets. The approach is based on a cycle of successive phases:


Audit and preliminary inspections

and the corresponding determination
of the shared objectives
with the customer


Elaboration, design and planning

of the interventions, procedures and integrated systems


Analysis of costs

and the relative economic and financial benefits


Implementation and realisation

of the planned measures


Testing, maintenance

and continuous monitoring of the integrated security systems

Design and implementation of integrated solutions

for managing the security of critical assets

Eximag’s mission is to take care of their customers, offering cutting-edge solutions. Eximag supports company decision makers regarding security issues by developing the integrated solution that is most suitable for preventing and protecting the risks for any type of critical assets, tangible or intangible, on land or sea.

Eximag extends its operations through Italy and works to improve the level of security and protection of assets, people and the operational management of company processes. The company is able to design highly customised integrated systems based on the analysis of the specific needs and the existing environmental conditions – operational layout, type of business and regulatory constraints of an administrative or labour law nature – in order to guarantee an offer suitable for reaching the set objectives.

Eximag’s prerogative is to improve the level
of security and protection of assets

All the metadata is sent to a customised unique managerial platform that is able to guarantee, through a single interface that services the operational centres for surveillance or a control room, the best performance for resolving alarm scenarios, for reducing operational costs, for optimising software/hardware resources and work processes.

This equipment not only guarantees the measures for analysing and processing the relative statistic data to be used for optimising the security process, it also helps the surveillance operator intervene faster in the case of an alarm.
The design implementation phase is supported subsequently by periodic maintenance programs for controlling the systems and maintaining their efficiency over time.

Eximag guarantees intervention and support services 24/7/365, also using remote support, in order to minimise reaction and support times and schedule specific on-site measures.